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Can you relate to a recurring situation many pastors encounter?

You have just finished preaching a Sunday sermon and it was obvious to you that God had uniquely touched those in attendance.

Immediately after the service, someone comes directly over to you and explains how they feel called to full-time vocational ministry. What do you do?

You begin to explain to them the importance of being called by God and need to be equipped in the study and preparation of the Word of God. But then you describe how important a support team is and having accountability to a local body who would send them out.

Then have you remembered fiscal responsibility as a real part of the calling of God? And if your church is not prepared to bring them on staff, how will they legally receive donations? That is where fiscal sponsorship come in.

Many pastors have heard that timeless truth “Where God guides, He provides,” but being organized and accountable with His provision is a necessary part of the Call of God, especially upon the ministries that have received those provisions. That is where Christian Vision Alliance can help.

When I planted the church I pastored for almost 20 years, I remember working through the paperwork process and fees to establish our nonprofit corporation and Federal 501C3 status.  It took over 7 months.

I also remember receiving donations while waiting to hear back from the State of California on the approval of our application. I had a bit of unnecessary anxiety of the possibility our application might be delayed or even refused. As it turns out the State of California neglected to inform the Federal Government we had been approved and our 501C3 application was rejected as a result. While the issue was rectified later on, the situation did not help my anxiety, as donations continued to come in from the work God was doing!

Christian Vision Alliance can be a temporary or a permanent fiscal sponsorship  provider for those seeking part-time or full-time ministry opportunities. They work directly with the church or pastor to provide real relational and organization accountability to those they sponsor.

So the next time someone comes up to you after a Sunday sermon and expresses a desire to enter into a ministry project or even full-time vocational ministry, keep  Christian Vision Alliance in mind.

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