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Christian Vision Alliance (CVA) places a high value on a Gospel-centered approach to ministry. The Great Commission, written about in Matthew 28:16-20, is the instruction of the resurrected Jesus Christ to his disciples to spread his teachings and to bring Him to all the nations of the world. Many call this mission work but it is really just following His heart. You see, these words were closest to Jesus’ heart, as they were his last words in the book of Matthew, and are at the core of our beliefs at Christian Vision Alliance and, therefore, the basis of our mission.

We must be diligent in assuring that what we are doing brings glory to our Father and in the end brings people to faith in Jesus Christ.  At CVA we believe our primary role is to enable our sponsored ministries to flourish in their God given calling. Our goal is to demonstrate by our actions, in assisting new ministries, the following Christ-centered foundational values:

Competence – the ability to do something successfully

Honesty – possessing a good and truthful character

Reliability — having trustworthy qualities

Integrity – a firm adherence to a code of moral values

Service of Excellence – to work and assist with superior quality   

Truthfulness – being righteous and honest in all endeavors

Remembering to keep CHRIST at the center in the daily pursuit of your ministry, will insure your success in the work the Lord has called you into.  These values are all the qualities that Jesus possessed and in following His ways, and pursuing His commands, you can and will make disciples of others.  The location of your ministry does not matter, it can be in your own neighborhood or in another country.  Wherever your ministry or outreach takes you, keeping these foundational values at the forefront of your mission and demonstrating them by the way you live will bring others to Jesus.  

In leading by example those who come to Christ through your ministry will themselves be witnesses for Jesus and will in their own turn lead others to faith. And so it goes. Give Christian Vision Alliance the opportunity to help you go out and be that Catalyst for Gospel-Centered Transformation as you hold fast to an authentic Christ Centered Life.

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