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To assure success in building your ministry, you must have a reliable network of support to help you raise funds. As your relationship and commitment to your community of believers grows, your network will blossom and stewardship of those believers will become an important part of your plan. This is where the approach of faith, work and economics converge.  It will take some time to build these relationships, so patience and perseverance will be necessary.

Gather together a team of partners that include a leadership team that will support you financially, in prayer and through discussion, advice and encouragement.  You are working for the Lord, not men, so surrounding yourself with like-minded believers that will help you attain your goal.

Here are “Six C’s” to help you outline a plan that you can remember:

Create A Plan Of Action

Create a name and slogan or motto for your ministry.  Collect a network of contacts by compiling an active list of email addresses and phone numbers.  Generate social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

Communicate Regularly

Communicate via a website, text messages, emails, blog articles, and social media.  Get your community to pass on your information by word of mouth and social media sharing. Create your own Facebook Page and post frequent updates as to the progress of your plans.

Campaign Proactively

Coordinate and create a campaign to help you work in an organized and active way to raise funds as efficiently as possible. Create flyers, schedule regular emails, push your content out on Facebook and send out regular Tweets on twitter.

Cultivate Your Relationships

Cultivate and foster the growth of your team by regularly interacting with those who are interested.  Invite your team to share it on their social profiles. Meet regularly for prayer with those involved already. Take ownership and stay engaged!

Conduct Events

Find out what community events are going on and join in!  Make your own booth and meet those in your local community. Organize your own event like a 5K walk/run through your church to support your ministry and help raise funds.  Our first mission field is where we are today. Reach out and let your local community know your plan.


What you give to God will never be wasted.  Stay Christ-centered and you will be successful in your ministry and raising funds for it.  What better cause to raise funds for than one with eternal significance?

CHRISTIAN VISION ALLIANCE will support you and the empowerment that sponsorship brings. We give you access to a broad network of ministry relationships and ongoing administrative support with fiscal sponsorship program that will help you raise funds for your ministry.

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