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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the primary purpose of CHRISTIAN VISION ALLIANCE?

The purpose of Christian Vision Alliance is to provide a nonprofit covering, better known as Fiscal Sponsorship, to qualified individuals who are engaged in Gospel Ministry, but do not have their own 501c3 nonprofit designation. We take care of the legal documentation and administrative maintenance of your non-profit organization, freeing up your time to focus on your ministry.

Is the ministry I want to start one that CHRISTIAN VISION ALLIANCE would be interested in sponsoring?

Any ministry that demonstrates it will further the mission of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is an ideal candidate for our sponsorship. Evangelists, ministry training, missionaries, teachers, preachers, mentors of disciples, and those who equip or serve others in the Name of Jesus are encouraged to apply.

When can I expect to hear back about my approval?

Depending on how quickly we can complete your background check, you can expect the process to take from one to three weeks.

Am I required to be in full-time ministry to be considered for membership?

No. CHRISTIAN VISION ALLIANCE understands that for many who have been called to ministry, supporting one’s self requires work outside their ministry field.

Must I have previous ministry experience before applying?

Though ministry experience and education are very useful they are not mandatory to becoming a Sponsored Ministry of CHRISTIAN VISION ALLIANCE. However, being a mature committed follower of Jesus Christ is a requirement. We provide numerous resources to help you in developing your capacity to be effective in the ministry to which you have been called.

What are the costs of sponsorship with Christian Vision Alliance?

There is no cost to apply. We want every qualified ministry to submit an application. So we charge no application fee. There is an ongoing administration fee of 10% of contributions received and processed by Christian Vision Alliance for sponsored ministries.

Will CHRISTIAN VISION ALLIANCE provide a legal board of directors for my ministry?

Yes. As a fiscal sponsor, our board of directors acts as the legal board for each of our sponsored ministries, since you are operating under the auspices of CHRISTIAN VISION ALLIANCE.  You are, however, required to assemble a Ministry Leadership Team for your ministry. These are the men and women who are dedicated to giving you ministry guidance, accountability, financial support and encouragement, without the burden of legal authority.

May I receive compensation from my ministry work?

Yes, depending on your particular situation and role, and conditional upon the approval of the CHRISTIAN VISION ALLIANCE leadership, you can be compensated as an independent contractor (1099).

How do people make out checks to my ministry?

Donors make their contributions to CHRISTIAN VISION ALLIANCE with your ministry specified in the memo line. The tax receipts that your donors will receive from CHRISTIAN VISION ALLIANCE will have the name of your ministry program on the receipt.

What do I get for my Ministry Service Fee?

The most unique thing about CHRISTIAN VISION ALLIANCE is service we can provide you: the experience and counsel of our team. You also will benefit from our legal, financial, and administrative services. Of course, being non-profit without having to apply to the IRS and maintain that status is the primary job of any Fiscal Sponsorship.

What happens to the donations that CHRISTIAN VISION ALLIANCE is holding for me, if my ministry decides to part ways with your organization?

If circumstances force us to dissolve our partnership, the donations in your ministry account will be donated to any other Gospel-centered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, at the discretion of the Board of Directors; or can remain the property of CHRISTIAN VISION ALLIANCE.  We will certainly listen to your recommendations.

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